Dear Pine Meadow Nursing Home Staff;

Let me begin by thanking you and letting you know that we think of you all every day. This is such a surreal and sad time. We can’t imagine how burnt-out you all must be. Thanks again for hanging in there. Big virtual hugs to you all!

Unfortunately, for our business and our staff, these are tough times too.

Meat prices from our suppliers have been steadily jumping weekly since COVID-19 began. We don’t want to gouge our community, so we won’t be passing on the price increases to anyone…not yet anyway, however; that means we have to cut our business expenses to the bone -so to speak- and that includes the cessation of offering discounts or giving donations at this time. Please help us by understanding that we are a new business and we want to be around to serve the community for years to come, but this crisis could potentially be the end of our business and the jobs we support, if we’re not extremely financially careful right now.

Hopefully this crisis will end sooner than later, and we can all go back to some sort of normal. But for the time being, as much as we dislike the position we’re forced into, this is the way it has to be.

In the meantime, please take care of yourselves. The residents of Pine Meadow and the families connected, are really lucky to have you- a fact we know first-hand!

You’re all heroes to us. Thanks again.

                                        All the best!- Brian and Joanna Milligan



P.S. New Covid-19 Hours and Practices for Milligan Meats Inc.

- 10am-4pm daily, parking lot pick-up only 613 336-0111